This is why I'm redoing my home network; the "now" state. Black is coax from Comcast Business. Red is the 10.1.x.x network behind the Comcast router (and the 173.11.229.x public static IPs exposed to the world); blue is my "private" personal network behind another NAT router and wifi AP. Purple is switches, light blue is access points.

Here's a rough drawing of what I'd like the "after" to look like when I'm done redoing the network at home.

This will be my new "server / wiring" closet. The other sides of the left and back walls are rooms I need to have networking in, so I'm going to use surface-mount dual-RJ45 jack boxes and just punch a hole through the wall for the cable, then terminate that in this closet with a 24/48 port patch panel bolted to the wall. Below that panel will be a shelf with a couple of switches, and the table will be used for my main server and a small monitor for console.

Here's how I hope to arrange the equipment in the closet unless someone has a better suggestion.